Is the site available 24-7?

Yes, the site is available 24-7. You can search, purchase, or view account information at your leisure, day or night.

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Why can’t I see pricing?

Only registered customers who are logged in can view pricing.

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How can I contact Customer Service?

You can call customer service at 1-833-277-3326 or you can send an email to

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Does the site show real time inventory quantities? If so, is it pulled from a local or central warehouse?

Yes product availability will display real time when there is product available. When a customer logs in they will be linked to their home warehouse. The primary availability will be displayed for that warehouse although they will be able to see what is available in all of our locations – with some regional APR restrictions enforced.

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How do I register for an online account?

Credit Application Request

To begin, you will select register in the top right corner to fully use the shopEECO site. You must register and have a credit account with EECO. If you already have a credit account, select yes, and proceed with the registration form once completed, you can browse the site freely.

If you have previously ordered from eco, then you may already have a credit account. If you are unsure or need assistance in the registration process, utilize the help links or contact customer service directly. However, for most first time users you will select no and proceed to the credit application.

From this page, you will select start new application. And once it is completed, an email stating that your request has been forwarded to the credit and collections department will arrive. If you have questions or need to make changes, contact the phone number provided and they acknowledgement email.

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How do I checkout?

How to Checkout on ShopEECO.

Once your cart is complete, you will begin the checkout process by selecting my cart in the top right corner. For general users, you will submit your cart for approval by your purchasing agent. And from there, they will place your order.

If you are the purchasing agent or have super user credentials, you will be able to proceed directly to checkout. For authorized purchasing agents and super users, once you're on the checkout page you will select shipping or will call and select the date that you wish to pick up or have the item delivered.

You will also choose your shipping method. Your options will be FedEx, UPS or EECO delivery truck. If items are unavailable at the time of purchase, you can choose to have a partial shipment of what is available and receive the out-of-stock items. When they are ready from the same checkout page, you will verify or change your shipping address, and you will also choose the payment method.

You can choose your credit account through EECO or enter your own credit card information. If you choose to pay by credit card, please select the green submit button in the credit card window. If you fail to do so, your payment will not be in processing.

Finally check to ensure that all products are correct. Once everything is verified, you will submit your order. And a confirmation will be sent to the email linked to your shopEECO account.

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How do I navigate Order History, POD, and Invoices?

How to I navigate Order History, POD, and Invoices

Order History

To begin, you will select 'My Account' in the top right corner, a dropdown menu for your account dashboard will open and you will select 'Order History'.

When the page opens, you will be able to see up to 18 months worth of orders placed with EECO, including those made by your sales representative.

Next, you will locate your order by using the search options. If you know the date, but not the order number, adjust to the timeframe in which the order was placed and click search.

If you know the order number, simply type it into the order number bar and click search. Once the order is located, you can view the order request an invoice and request proof of delivery.

If you select view order, you will see all of the details pertaining to the order, including: the order number, order status, order date, total, where it was shipped to, delivery method and an itemized list of what was included. In addition, from the view order page, you can reorder request your invoice and request proof of delivery.


When you requested invoice, there will be a pop-up window stating that your invoice has been sent to the email associated with your shopping. Go account.

If you do not receive your invoice by email contact customer service.

Proof of Delivery

When you select proof of delivery, there will be a pop-up stating that our customer service team has received your request. And please allow up to 24 hours for them to process and research your request.

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How do I Login or and Recover my Password?

How to Login/Forgot Password

To begin, select login in the top right corner of the website. If login isn't completed within 30 seconds, a pop-up window will appear to continue click the X in the top, right corner. Once you type in the email and password associated with your account. You will be prompted to select your ship to address when that is complete you will proceed to the rest of your account.

If you would like to change your password, select my account in the top right corner. When the dropdown menu opens, click my profile, then scroll to the bottom and select change password.

You will be prompted to enter the current password, the new password, and confirm the new password. When you click save a green bar stating that your password was updated successfully will appear towards the top of the page. And you will also receive a confirmation sent to the email associated with your shop eco account.

If you cannot remember your password, click login and in the pop-up window, select forgot password, a new window will appear prompting you to input the email associated with your account. Once that is completed, there will be a green bar stating that a password reset email has been sent. There will be a link within the email to ensure a secure password reset.

When you finish entering and confirming your new password, click submit. There will be a pop-up stating your password has been successfully updated. In addition, you will also receive a confirmation.

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How do I change my ship to?

How to Manage Ship Tos

When you log into your shop eco account, you'll be prompted to select your ship. To address it. Customer can have multiple ship to addresses, and many times when a customer registers their primary business address, it is assigned to your account to remove or update any ship to addresses, contact your ISR.

If you select the wrong address in the beginning, you can change it prior to checkout. The easiest way will be to select the ship to tab in the quick navigation bar, the address box will pop up and you will be able to select a new address. In addition, you can change it from your account dashboard and also the checkout page.

If you need to add a new ship to address, you will have to submit a request. You will then fill out the form. And if the new address is tax exempt attached to the exemption form, you may also send a copy of the tax form directly to our office over by email, to our credit and collections department. Once credit and collections sends your confirmation that your new shift two is available, select shipped to you in the top left corner.

When the pop-up opens. Select refresh ship to and the top right corner. And then your new address will be available for selection.

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How do I manage Product Lists?

How to Manage Product Lists

Creating product lists allows the customer to store groups of items together in one place to allow for easy ordering. To create a product list begin by typing the product you need into the search bar. Once it is located, you will select add to product lists directly under add to cart. He will then be prompted to add the item to a pre-existing list or create a new one.

You can add up to a hundred different items to a product list, and you can also create as many product lists as you would like. The easiest way to access your product list will be by using the quick navigation bar and selecting my product list. Or you can find your product list at the bottom of your account dashboard.

Once the desired product list is open, you will be able to select all the items in the list and add them to your cart, select only the items that you need and add them to your cart. Have a quick view of availability and price. Download the list in Excel format for quoting purposes, remove selected items from the list, and you can fully delete the list.

If you would like a product list based upon your sales history, contact your inside sales rep. They will be able to create and load the list to your account.

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How do I add my specific part numbers?

How to add customer specific part numbers.

First, you will need to locate the part within the shopEECO website. Next you will select 'add my part number' underneath 'add to cart'. You will then type in your custom part number.

And when the page refreshes your new part number will be added to the product description. Once it is updated, you can then locate the product using either part number from now on.

Contact your ISR if you have already assigned custom part numbers prior to creating an online shopEECO account.

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